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This page is a log of mileage and maintenance for my two bikes.

4/14/2010 - 12.0 miles - from downtown to revolution cycles

for a $40 "derailleur brake and lube" special

i have been noticing lately that my side brakes are burying, and my brake pads look pretty worn down, figured it's time to get the bike in for maintenance, so i just biked to revolution cycles after work, then bussed home. i get to pick it up tomorrow.

4/11/2010 - 37.8 miles - "chilly hilly" route on bainbridge island

queen anne -> downtown ferry, chilly hilly route, downtown ferry -> queen anne

met up with jordan in queen anne, and biked downtown to the ferry, about 1.5 miles.

once we got downtown, i tipped over on my bike on my left side for a mild crash, since i couldn't get my left foot unclipped from my bike. was wearing gloves though, and i think my palms got the worst of it.

i wore too much gear, since i thought i was going to freeze to death on the ferry. i once saw a sign on a ferry that said you couldn't wear biking cleats inside, so i thought we'd be stuck outside. turns out this wasn't an issue though.

i used my luggage rack and camera bag today, and with that and my coat on the back of the bike, and still being tired from biking 41 miles on friday, i think contributed to my balance issues. i'm starting to understand why panniers are a much better luggage solution than something that rides above your tire - it's all where the weight goes.

i only had to walk up a tiny little part of one hill. i probably could have made it except i was afraid since i was going so slow that i would tip over again, so i figured it was safer to walk.

eventually i got down to biking shorts, a long underwear shirt, and a long sleeved shirt, and was really comfortable. i started out with waterproof pants and my winter coat shell too. i wore thinner (work) socks today and my feet felt MUCH better. so i guess for warmth in the future i'm going to have to get some of those neoprene booties for the outside of my shoes instead of smooshing my feet into hiking socks into biking shoes.

my gps says the elevation gain of this trip was about 3000 feet - but i think the writeup said it was only 1100 or so. it definitely felt like more than 1100, but i think my gps generally exaggerates elevation gain. i'd give it a 2000-2500.

when biking back to queen anne, i almost tipped over again on my right side. i had to stop suddenly and was leaning to the right at least, but i was at a 45 degree angle before i got my foot popped out and it hit the pavement pretty hard. i expected to have a sprained ankle and/or calf muscle, but so far i'm not feeling it.

sunny, about 50-55 degrees

4/9/2010 - 41.0 miles - work downtown to newcastle to home

stopped in factoria at the safeway on the way down for a bagel and orange to eat at derek's.

gps says 3,000 foot elevation gain, i don't think it was quite that much.

pretty chilly on the way home, nice on the way out.

my toes kept going numb on the way back. was wearing hiking socks. temperature when i got home was 40 degrees.

very dark and spooky on the burke gilman north of campus, and some parts of the signed lake washington loop. i switched over to sand point way at 65th.

4/7/2010 - 13.4 miles - home from work

my fourth ride with the new biking shoes, and i think i've figured out part of what's been bothering my feet. i focused today on just moving my knees up and down, and not changing the angle between my feet and calf much - not *pushing* on the pedals. i don't think i have it figured out all way way yet, but it definitely made a difference. my left big toe was still numb/mad when i got home. some of it was probably cold - i was soaked for most of the trip.

forecast was decent, but it ended up raining pretty good the first half of my ride home, so all my clothes were wet. i was still warm enough, despite it being only about 45-50 - probably could have gone another 5-10 miles and still not been very uncomfortable. had the waterproof pants on, luckily.

4/4/2010 - 26.2 miles - sky nursery, bothell, interurban trail with rachel

weather: forecast was 16mph winds and chilly, but aside from a couple times where the wind definitely scootched me sideways, the weather was actually very enjoyable. rachel appreciated that it was NOT hot and sunny. i had my winter jacket draped over one arm and under the other, like a badly attached cape or something. i should have brought along my thin windbreaker/waterproof jacket instead.

the trip was on all of the busy roads. (rachel, if you ever read this, i *DID* *FOR REAL* end up biking south on aurora on the sidewalk.)

then we finished on the interurban trail back to sky. i wish my gps batteries hadn't conked out at the very beginning of this trip. i'm not even sure how i got home from sky. Here's my guess at what happened... I went south on the interurban until I hit aurora, then decided I didn't want to cross it, and i'd try a new way home. i backtracked north, then went east on N 160th ST and turned right on interlaken ave. that looped around west, which i didn't want, and put me on N 155th St, where I could see aurora. so then i went down to aurora, (from here out i remember clearly) biked south on the sidewalk to 145th, biked east to (i think) ashworth, south on that, to roosevelt way. then i tried going south on densmore or something to try and hit N 130th st at a light, but instead the road ended at ingraham school. so, south on meridian to n 130th, then home.

my feet were pretty sore in the evening. i think i may have the cleats too far away from my toes/too close to my arches... ?

4/1/2010 - 13.4 miles - home from work

first bike home from work in the new biking shoes. time was about 77 minutes... i think typically i used to be 88 minutes. about five minutes of the gained time was probably making it straight through the double lights before the left turn of death from dravus st onto 15th ave. :-)

i sort of remember the weather being a little chilly (left my coat on the whole way, glad i had my windbreaker pants on) but it was not raining. my feet were okay, only a little sore at the end, maybe because this trip was not as long.

3/27/2010 - 22 miles - lake sammamish lap

jordan and i did a lap around lake sammamish, COUNTERCLOCKWISE, which is important, because if you do it clockwise, there's not a lot of shoulder for bikes on very busy roads. counterclockwise, there's a wide shoulder most of the way around. we rode a few miles on the gravel path on the east side of lake sammamish, as jordan says, through rich people's backyards, and it was very pretty - lots of trees were still in bloom. the ride is also pretty flat and very straightforward - which is good to remember as a ride for someone's first 20+ mile ride.

we started from marymoor on a day that was supposed to be 45, but it turned out gorgeous and sunny, probably 50-55. i left my jacket in the car, and tried out two new pieces of gear:

ate a mcd's sandwich and juice before the ride, and drank watered down gatorade during. i like this combo.

3/24/2010 - 2.4 miles - Home to Revolution Cycles - 216 ft elevation gain, 216 ft elevation loss - ? minutes

See maintenance below for details. Rode the bike to the shop and back to have the pedals swapped out.

3/24/2010 - Maintenance - switch pedals

Who = Jake the Snake, Revolution Cycles

What = Removed shoe pedals, installed clipless ones

When = 1564.9 miles

Where = Pedals

Why = Finally got the fancy shoes from REI!

Details = Took it to Revolution Cycles; I offered them $5 for the labor; were done in 10 minutes. I *tried* to do it myself, but I just couldn't get the old pedals to come off. I had tools strewn all over the front lawn. No luck. But as a super-secret bonus for having Revolution Cycles do it, they also un-bent my handlebars that have been weird on the left side since my crash. Yay!

3/23/2010 - 13.4 miles - home from work

a beautiful day - probably around 55 degrees, wore shorts, long underwear top w/jersey, was very comfortable.

ate a half of a power bar around greenlake - needed it because i didn't really have lunch, and just snacked (on healthy food) all day. i ate a *lot* for dinner afterwards too, but as a huge bonus, i didn't crash/get chills all night.

3/20/2010 - 18.3 miles - burke-gilman sammammish river trail to red hook and chateau ste michelle with chris

seriously? i haven't been biking in 13 days?

we "carred" our bikes to third place books, and then biked over to red hook for lunch, and then to the winery to pick up our quarterly shipment.

the trail was pretty crowded today - first real spring-like day, and probably the last day of no rain for a while.

it was chillier than i thought it'd be when we started at 10:30a. i think it was around 50-55 - i almost wished i'd brought my fingered gloves. but i was okay in rain pants, long underwear shirt, short sleeve bike jersey, and light rain jacket. sun was shiny the whole time, and it was much warmer after lunch, but i still kept all my gear coming back. for some reason, this trip wiped me out. i think i might not have eaten/drunk enough before, during, and after.

3/7/2010 - 24.2 miles - snohomish-monroe with jordan; average speed about 12 mph; climbing elevation: 875 ft; descending elevation: 875 ft;

bikely route

this was a fun ride - felt like we made really good time - finished in 2 hours, and it didn't take that long to drive there. (about 35 minutes from my house.)

there were a couple of kind of big hills in the first half, and the second half of the route was just CRUISING. not a lot of turns (two 8 mile stretches with no turns.)

chilly start, about 45, warmed up to about 50. kind of windy, overcast, but we didn't get rained on. i was glad i was dressed pretty warm: waterproof jacket, long underwear, bike jersey, hiking socks, boots, bike shorts, rain pants, gloves, headband, and helmet cover. toes still got a little chilly sometimes.

been trying to eat better to get up to longer rides - i had a bottle half full of gatorate, half water with me. before the ride we stopped at mcdonalds and i had my usual sandwich, but no soda - some oj instead. before we left home i had two glasses of water. right afterwards, i had a tiny orange, and then a gyro when we got home. but i think i should have eaten a piece of bar or something on the ride - i still crashed pretty hard. didn't start to recover until i had a banana on monday afternoon.

we passed a couple of guys riding horses (can you get farther in a day riding a horse or a bike? what's a horse's average mph?). before we turned left at the intersection of 203, there was a horse farm on the right, and it looked like there was a dead horse in the yard. it was lying down completely, not moving.

besides horses, we saw goats, cows, chickens, lots of cats... heard some dogs.

3/4/2010 - 14 miles - work to home with rachel

met rachel near the aquarium after work. oh, no wait, at the naked people statue. oh wait - the aquariNO the naked people statue there she is! whew. yeah, so bit of phone tag to manage to meet up for this one, but all's well. :-)

gorgeous evening, about 50-55 when we started, got a little cooler. i was all right in shorts, sneakers, long underwear, jersey, and coat shell. no gloves or earband.

chatted about rachel's crazy customers on the way home. (she works at sky now.)

we took a slightly different way home - instead of crossing over to 15th via dravus street, we kept going north and came across emerson and the curvy bridge. i got my wheels dropped into one of those bridge ruts which almost toppled me, and was kind of scary.

also, i turned right on 88th and came up burke to the dead end, and crossed at the stop sign. i think i like that better than continuing up wallingford.


just a note that at this point jake has 1495 miles on it.

2/27/2010 - about 4 miles - around home, intervals

went out on my bike for 20-25 minutes around home, and figured i'd try it in an "intervals" style, pushing really hard on hills. i found it's kind of hard to do an intervals-style ride on the bike - there's not much room to go all out on the flat, instead you have to wait until you get to a short hill.

2/20/2010 - 28 miles - gas works park, kubota gardens, chief sealth trail, with jordan and ping (jordan's dad)

met jordan and ping at gas works park at 10:30. i tooled around the park a bit while i was waiting for them. from there, we went along the BG, over the montlake bridge, then wandered over to lake washington blvd. we cruised south to a couple miles south of seward park, then up the hill to kubota. i had no idea it was so close to seward park - it feels like it takes forever to get there in the car.

we parked our bikes and wandered around kubota for about a half an hour, and had some granola bars.

then we found the chief sealth trail, that nobody had been on before, and tried that out. kind of hilly, but a nice alternative to the roads.

chief sealth trail dropped us off on beacon, and we drove a pretty straight line all the way back up to the university bridge. jordan's dad left us in capitol hill, since he lives there.

jordan and i went to agua verde for lunch, off of northlake(?) rd, then a quick ride back to gasworks to my car, and jordan biked home.

temperature started 44 degrees, got up to 50. i wore my biking shorts, sweatpants, hiking socks, boots, long underwear shirt, short sleeve jersey, and light waterproof jacket. i had to lose the jacket shortly after we started, and i tied it around my waist, but the hood kept getting stuck on my seat when i'd stand up to pedal. i was pretty comfortable temperature-wise, but my legs were getting two warm on the long uphills on the way back. it was the first really glorious sunny weekend of this year.

2/17/2010 - 13.6 miles - home from work, with rachel

met up with rachel outside of the aquarium, and we took my standard route home from work, with an extra stop at her house to chat with megan.

1/24/2010 - 12.9 miles - volunteer park and thai food with rachel and jordan in the RAIN

cold and raining, about 45 degrees. had a slight drizzle on the way to volunteer park, then it started raining while we were in the conservatory.

then we rode from the conservatory to "Jai Thai" at broadway and thomas.

From there we rode to the uDistrict where all of the bus stops are on campus pkwy, and i took a 73 home.

wore: winter coat shell, long underwear top with t-shirt on top, headband, helmet cover, gloves, biking shorts, rain pants, hiking socks, boots. was a little chilly at times, but definitely tolerable. rather damp. i'm glad i had my phone & wallet in baggies.

1/22/2010 - 13.4 miles - work to home

about the same as the other ride home earlier in the week.

1/20/2010 - 13.4 miles - work to home

ahh, a new year, starting to have a little light after work, time to start biking home from work again.

temperature when i got home: 48

wore: winter coat shell, long underwear shirt, t-shirt, bike shorts, rain pants, hiking socks, boots, gloves, helmet cover, no earband. After the train-trail, I took off my winter coat, and was about the right temperature... a little on the warm side. Could have probably done this without the rain pants.

rain forecast for today was 50%, but i didn't get a drop of it. was a little cloudy. started at 4:15pm, sunset was at 4:52pm, got home around 5:45pm, and didn't really mind the dark.

my headlight batteries died 1/3 of the way home - this is a reminder that if i can't see my headlight bouncing off street signs several blocks away, i should put fresh batteries in it.

average speed: 9mph, 12.7 miles in 88 minutes on the gps. actually went 13.4 miles. i got stuck at a lot of traffic lights, and had to stop twice - once to take my coat off, and once to change batteries, so i think that's what killed my mph.

1/10/2010 - 8.3 miles - burke gilman

took an easy ride from third place books to the park with chickens.

12/13/2009 - 28.25 miles - home to downtown/work via BG

i wanted to work on a saturday, so i biked downtown via the BG. when i got to work, i found out that the parking garages we have with bike racks were locked up on the weekend, and all i'd brought along was my cable lock, which i don't really feel safe using downtown except in the garages. so i sat on a bench for a while pondering what to do, then decided to just bike back home, again using the BG, since i was pretty tired. by then and didn't want any hills. i got off the BG at sand point way at ne 65th st, and bussed the rest of the way home.

12/6/2009 - 9.25 miles - marysville/wenberg state park/lake goodwin

here was a pretty poor ride... i rounded up chris and rachel and took them up north to marysville to try a decent-looking loop i'd found/modified on bikely. on a very chilly wintery day. it turned out the "flattish" route i chose was actually very hilly, and half of the route i'd planned was on private roads, so we eventually just turned around and came back. sigh.

we all got hot chocolate on the drive back, which saved the day.

11/29/2009 - about 10-12 miles - marymoor park north on sammamish trail with rebecca

my sister was in town, so we took the car to marymoor park, where they charge you $1 to park. headed north on the sammamish trail. i think it got a bit drizzly. our halfway point was redhook brewery - where we split a thing of nachos. :-)

i rode my my new bike, and she rode the old one, and we switched on the way back.

11/21/2009 - about 9 miles - interurban trail

just needed to get some exercise

10/18/2009 - about 5 miles - around home

my wrist had been bugging me, so i went riding my bike around home to see if it also bothered me to bike on it. it did.

10/3/2009 - 23.5 miles - biking with jordan in duvall

went riding in the same area as the week before, but a somewhat different route. we started out on an uphill, and went way east before turning south. some really nice back roads. we came back pretty much the same way chris and i did, except made it easier by cutting back across on NE 124th st, and going north on the snoqualmie valley trail back to the car. this ride started out pretty chilly - might have been around freezing, but i warmed up okay.

9/26/2009 - 18.1 miles - biking with chris in duvall

i remember this being a beautiful day. we rode for a while on the snoqualmie valley trail, which is unpaved. then we took a kind of longer-than-intended way back to the car. on the second half of the loop, we passed a really weird fair, in a deserted house's side yard. the back road was packed with parked cars, and there were little pavilions set up in the yard, mostly flower and vegetable stands i think, but there was even a massage table.

9/18/2009 - about 10 miles - burke gilman with dad

took the car to third place books, then went north on the BG to the park where there are sometimes chickens. i rode my old bike, he used the new one.

9/16/2009 - about 15 miles - home from work, to lifting, then home

I think this was a really rainy ride. I got to Megan's and had to ask for a towel. I lifted for a little while, but had to head home because my clothes were still damp and I was getting chilly. I think that's why I felt crappy the next day and had to stay home from work.

9/12/2009 - about 15 miles - around lake tapps

I was kind of disappointed by this ride, only because the roads were busier than I was hoping. We parked in a park at the southwest corner of the lake and did a counter-clockwise trip. When we were about 3/4 of the way around, we took a spur down (45th St E) onto some "islands" in the lake. That was a pretty neat area, with views of Rainier over the lake. However we couldn't linger very long because there were biting mosquitoes out on the bridge.

9/7/2009 - 1.5 miles (old bike) - pacific fabrics

biked down to pacific fabrics on my old bike.

9/1/2009 - 14 miles - Work to Home via Chittenden Locks and Interurban Trail - ? minutes - ? ft elevation gain, ? ft elevation loss - average speed ? mph

Tried the new route again on the other side of the locks - went north on 24th Ave NW, then east on 77th ave. Today though I took Fremont Ave N to the Interurban Trail, and east on 125th, south around Haller Lake, and then over the little bridge over I-5.

Sometime over the past month someone has painted sharrows all over that bridge, made a bike turning lane to turn left onto the little path, and made a bike merge ramp area off the of the sidewalk going west onto 117th St!!! This makes me happy. I wish they'd smooth out the pavement when you're going east and turning onto the little path... I don't feel like I have control over my bike there since the pavement is very grooved in an inconvenient spot.

Another absolutely gorgeous day for biking, about 65.

8/28/2009 - 17.3 miles - Work to Home via Discovery Park and Chittenden Locks - 111 minutes - 1200? ft elevation gain, 1200? ft elevation loss - average speed 9 mph

Had Jordan take me through Discovery Park again, since my GPS konked out the last time, and I still didn't know how to do it.

Tried a new route on the other side of the locks - went north on 24th Ave NW, then east on 77th ave over to Greenlake. I went north along Wallingford as usual, and Jordan continued on around the lake and back home.

An absolutely gorgeous day for biking... partly cloudy, about 65.

8/25/2009 - 13.4 miles - Work to Home - ? ft elevation gain, ? elevation loss - ? minutes, average ? mph

Was a typical ride home from work, but halfway home, I crashed.

I was riding north along Stone Way. The bike lane along Stone ends a bit before 50th St and becomes a "sharrows" area, and for some reason there were cars backed up. So I found myself going about 7 mph into a rapidly narrowing 'V' between the cars and the curb. The curb was about 1/2" high, so I chose to try and get up onto the sidewalk, but I kind of figured in the back of my head that the tires wouldn't bite and the bike would just tip and I'd have to bail, and I was right.

So as the bike started falling to the right, I jumped a bit and rolled right as I hit the sidewalk, and somehow rolled completely over and landed on my feet. (I'm kind of glad I didn't have clipped shoes... I might have been stuck to the bike pedals and not able to roll.)

So, on my feet, I surveyed the damage.

Biking gloves++: My palms stung a little, but were very well protected by the padded gloves. And here I thought they were to protect your hands from getting sore while riding. :-)

Helmet++: I felt my helmet tap the sidewalk while I was rolling over. I took it off, but there wasn't even a scratch on it, but I know my head would have bruised if my helmet hadn't been between it and the sidewalk.

My elbow stung a bit, and I figured it was bleeding, but there were definitely no bones broken, or even any bruises really. So I picked up the bike. It looked OK, and a quick check over the bike didn't reveal any issues, so I rode the rest of the way home.

I discovered over the next couple of days that I actually had light scratches along my right hip, thigh, elbow, forearm, and shoulder, somehow created without tearing my clothes? I also found that the left side of my handlebars is a bit messed up, bent in. It still shifts/brakes okay. I'm also missing the blinky half of my rear light. But I'm very thankful that that's the extent of the damage, to the bike and to me. A rather interesting experience, all-in-all... I think it's the first time I ever fell off my bike, and I'm glad to find I have some survival instincts to minimize damage to myself. (The decision to bail off the bike rather than try harder to get the bike up onto the curb, and then realizing I should roll instead of just diving. Also, I was only thinking about getting me safe, not "oh no, what'll happen to the bike?")

The next day I was a little achy, and the day after that a LOT achy, in a manner requiring advil, but I didn't hurt anywhere specific. The day after that, I was fine.

8/22/2009 - 14.2 miles - Home to International District - 77 minutes - ? ft elevation gain, ? ft elevation loss

Bike Map TBD

Rode with Chris, home to NE 115th st, over I-5 on 1st ave ne, S on Meridian, S on Wallingford, around the east side of greenlake, down stone way, over fremont bridge, dravus/15th ave nw, to pier 91 trail onto alaskan way. last bit was up jackson to 8th ave, to eat dim sum at House of Hong.

Stuffed, we took the bus home. :-)

8/13/2009 - 18 miles - Work to Home via Burke Gilman - about 1000 ft elevation gain, about 1000 ft elevation loss - 101 minutes, average 10 mph

30% chance of rain forecast for today, but it poured the entire ride home. I stopped for 10 minutes for a bite under a tree along the Burke Gilman. There was a huge orange cat also stealing shelter there.

8/10/2009 - 13.4 miles - Work to Home - 895 ft elevation gain, 921 elevation loss - 72 minutes, average 11 mph

Typical ride home from work.

8/4/2009 - 13.4 miles - Work to Home - 895 ft elevation gain, 921 elevation loss

Typical ride home from work.

8/2/2009 - 2.9 miles - Pinehurst to Greenlake - about 200 ft elevation gain - ? minutes, average ? mph

Typical ride over to Megan's.

8/1/2009 - 27 miles - Cedar River Trail Loop - about 1400 ft elevation gain, 1400 ft elevation loss - ? minutes, average 11 mph

Too hot today, out of practice, led to a kind of sad ride. I'd planned this one because I thought it was shady along the Cedar River Trail, but there wasn't. The river looked gorgeous and inviting - only a foot deep... next time I should bring along water shoes and/or a swimsuit.

Took Jordan along, and at the end we met Derek and Jen at River Rock restaurant in Renton.

7/22/2009 - 16.6 miles - To Book Club (Katie's, in Lynnwood) - 882 ft elevation gain, 882 ft elevation loss - 160 minutes minus 60 minutes of book club, average 10 mph

Bikely Map

Today I did not put 16.6 miles on my car.

Was a gorgeous day for biking, and book club happened to be a nice distance away. Took Meridian and 76th Ave all the way to Lynnwood. Getting across Aurora is a little weird, but doable. Hills are tolerable.

About 80 degrees, sunny, a little cooler on the way back, and I arrived at home at dusk, around 9pm.

7/12/2009 - 25.5 miles - Snohomish, Monroe - 1100 ft elevation gain, 1100 ft elevation loss - 2 hours 20 minutes, average speed 11mph

bikely map

Today was cooler and rainy, about 65. There was pretty constant rain through the first 3/4 of the trip, not drizzle, but not pouring either.

Nevertheless, I think it was a great day for this ride - mostly it was out in the open farmland, so I didn't want to do it in the blazing sun, and the rain kept down the pollen and bugs.

There is so much beautiful farmland along this ride - big red fairytale barns, horses, cows, llamas. A doe and her fawn crossed the road in front of me. Big ponds with water lilies, and wide slow blue-green rivers. Fields of new corn, and even a "field" of tall straight pines.

I did a clockwise loop this time, but next time I think I would try counter-clockwise. It felt like the harder hills were in the last 1/3 of the trip, and the rest of the trip was mostly flat. The last 1/3 also felt a lot like going over the "mountains" of route 10 in Pennsylvania. One strip of the road looked exactly like the piece of route 10 that goes straight straight straight through fields, and then rises and curves sharply right and starts up the "mountains".

7/9/2009 - 30? miles - Downtown around Lake Washington to BG to Home - ? ft elevation gain, ? ft elevation loss - ? hours

Rachel joined Jordan and I downtown, and we took I-90 over Lake Washington, and did a counter-clockwise "arc" of about 115 degrees of the entire loop around Lake Washington, ending at my house. We stuffed Rachel and Jordan full of dinner, and then I drove them and their bikes home.

I-90 is currently under construction, and I'd read about a bike detour they added to the bridge that was enclosed with chain link fencing. I'd been imagining a rickety tube with a wood floor and chain link cage tacked on to the pillars of the bridge, but instead, there were only two 15-foot sections of trail that were not available, and in those areas, they'd constructed a "detour" for bikes out of plywood and chain link fence. You had to walk your bike through it, but it wasn't at all what I was expecting. :-)

My GPS conked out about a mile into the trip, so I'm not sure exactly how far it was. I'm pretty sure we took the hilliest route though! There were lots of interesting houses to look at on the Bellevue side of things, and some other new sites, but I think most of my memory of this trip will focus on the length of time we spent sweating up hills.

The pier(?) Old Market(?) St was a neat point of interest. There's a lot of water lilies there that I took a picture of.

A gorgeous day. About 70 degrees?

7/8/2009 - 2.4 miles - Home to Revolution Cycles - 216 ft elevation gain, 216 ft elevation loss - ? minutes

See maintenance below for details. Rode the bike to the shop and back to have the front derailleur re-readjusted.

7/7/2009 - Maintenance - Derailleurs, Brakes, and Lube

Who = Jake the Snake, Revolution Cycles

What = Derailleurs, brakes, and greased the chain

When = 1049.2 miles

Where = Front derailleur

Why = Chain kept falling off whenever I switched to the front high gear. The derailleur was out too far, so it was pushing the chain past the high gear and off. Also, the left and right brake handles were burying into the handlebars.

Details = Took it to Revolution Cycles; charged me $40 for labor and $10 for new rear brake pads; was done in a day!

After I picked up the bike and brought it home, I rode it around a little to test everything out. The brakes were all much tighter, as they should be - he said even though the front brakes were stopping the bike and had plenty of clearance, you shouldn't have to squeeze them barely at all, whereas mine were getting kind of squishy, apparently. However, while I was trying it out, I couldn't get the front derailleur to go into high gear! So I quick rode back to the shop, and explained. He put it back on the stand, and messed with it, and I saw it shifting. Then he rode it in the shop, and it shifted. So I tried it out, and it would not shift. Apparently I was "doing it wrong". But he put it back on the stand anyway, muttering something about how this type of derailleur sucks, and tweaked it a bit more. Then we took it out back and he tried it, then I tried it, and this time it felt much better. However, he said it is micrometers from the point where it will start pushing the chain off again.

He also explained that the type of front derailleur I have (Shimano 105) is not designed for cyclocross double gears, and if it continued to be a problem I could buy a better component.

He also replaced the rear brake pads.

7/5/2009 - 41.3 miles - Home to Greenlake to Alki - ? ft elevation gain, ? ft elevation loss - ? hours

Biked from home to Greenlake, and then on to Alki with Megan and Rachel.

Had to stop at Gregg's for a bit since Megan's bike wouldn't shift.

Stopped at the Alki bakery for some calories.

On the way home, about mile 30, my chain started falling off - it fell off four times, and eventually I figured out this was the same issue I was having before, where the front derailleur pushes the chain off when you shift into high gear. So after the fourth time, I just went the rest of the way home using only the low gears.

6/28/2009 - 27.5 miles - Burke-Gilman/Sammamish River Trail to Red Hook and Chateau Ste Michelle - 1343 ft elevation gain, 1159 ft elevation loss - 5 hours 45 minutes (lots of non-biking)

Biked to Red Hook with Megan, Josh, and Madeleine, and then we stopped by Chateau Ste Michelle to pick up our wine shipments.

Sunny, 65-70. A perfect day.

6/25/2009 - 18.8 miles - Work to Home - 1299 ft elevation gain, 1106 ft elevation loss - 96 minutes

Bikely Map

Average speed = 11.76 mph

Took the secret ship canal trail to the Fremont bridge.

Tried a new way up the cliff from the BG: Took the Burke-Gilman up to 112th St, R on Lakeside, L on NE 113th, L on Exeter Ave, R on 110th, and R on Sand Point Way, and then home.

Overcast and 65 degrees, kind of windy. Wore my coat shell until the last uphill portion.

6/21/2009 - 43.2 miles - Centennial Trail, Lake Stevens, Arlington, Granite Falls - 1460 ft elevation gain, 1460 ft elevation loss - 3 hours, 30 minutes (doesn't include a 15 minute break)

Bikely Map (by waessner)

Interesting. Average speed for the trip, if you don't count the break, is 12.34567 mph. This was a milestone trip for me - I've never gone further than 40 miles in one day before, let alone with only a 15 minute break in the middle.

A nice loop ride with Jordan.

Found this loop on Bikely by searching for "Lake Stevens". The biking on the highway at the beginning was kind of annoying, and a bit strenuous as a warmup, or I'm just being a baby. However, if you cut out the leg on 92 biking East, you won't get to see any snow-capped mountains, and on the way back you won't get to bike along Lake Stevens.

At least for the north side of Lake Stevens, you should bike counter-clockwise - there's a walking lane that you can bike in. On the other side of the road, there's not even a shoulder.

Jordan Rd. didn't have a shoulder either, but there wasn't much traffic. The weather called for a 20% chance of rain, which we saw coming while we were on 92, and experienced the rain while on this road. Luckily, it wasn't enough to soak my socks, and we had the rest of the trip to dry out. There were lots of big slugs in the road. :-) I think the temperature was around 65 for most of the trip.

While on Jordan Rd. we took a side trip to "Jordan Bridge" - a small park on the left, with a really nice view of the Stillaguamish(?) River.

The Centennial Trail part of the ride was the nicest - the trail was smooth and since it was made from a railway, had a very gradual grade. It was very woodsy, with infrequent road crossings. I think most of the trail, especially the southernmost part that we were on, would be great for rollerblading.

Around mile 30, my knees started aching - probably because I have not been doing any strength exercises in months. However, with a little advil and a day off, they're good as new.

6/13/2009 - 24.2 miles - Vashon, WA - 2000 ft elevation gain, 2000 ft elevation loss - 2 hours, 45 minutes

Lap around Vashon with Chris, Jordan, and Richard.

We started from Richard's house, and headed southwest across Vashon, then did a loop counter-clockwise.

I did much better this time - the first time I tried Vashon, last year, I was really dragging. (Also, at that time, my lowest bike gear wasn't working, and I really needed it.)

It was overcast, and felt a little chilly, but was probably 65 degrees. I only had a t-shirt and shorts on - my long-sleeved bike jersey would have been better.

6/5/2009 - 39 miles - Work to Newcastle (Derek's) (15 miles) to Home (24 miles) - 4 hours, 15 minutes ?

Bike map TBD

Biked from work to Newcastle Friday after work. The original plan was that Chris would join me at Derek's, and then we would drive home after poker, but Chris had to work, so after eating a foot long sub and hanging out for an hour, I decided I'd try biking home, even though total miles for tonight would be further than I've ever biked.

So, thinking hard about pacing myself, not overexerting going up hills, I headed back north. Getting from Derek's to Mercer was easier than I expected - it's mostly downhill. Then Mercer to the tunnel was very straightforward.

I decided to try Martin Luther King Jr Way to get north to the Montlake Bridge, since last Friday that was an option we didn't take, and it looked like it would probably be the shortest route. It's doesn't go through the shiniest of neighborhoods, and an idiot in a car coming up from a side street tried to kill me with his car by running his stop sign, but it was a nice route. It got much better after crossing Madison, then it became the Lake Washington Bike Loop, and I felt better for being on roads I'd seen before. It was probably about 9 or 9:30 pm by the time I got here, so was pretty dark.

Went the standard way home, BG to Sand Point Way, up NE 125th St.

While biking from downtown to Newcastle, it was pretty warm, about 70 degrees, but on the way home it felt chillier, probably 60 degrees, so I was really glad to have brought along my waterproof windbreaker, otherwise I'd have been way too cold in just a t-shirt.

Bummed that the trip was 39 miles and not 40. I think I still haven't hit 40 miles on any one trip.

6/4/2009 - 8.3 miles - Work to Golden Gardens - 50 minutes - 299 ft elevation gain, 640 ft elevation loss

Bike Map TBD

Biked with Jordan from work to Golden Gardens, going over the Chittenden Locks.

From Golden Gardens, Jordan biked home the long way, via 77th. I stayed to play volleyball until about 9pm, then Chris drove us home.

Pretty hot, over 80, sunny.

6/3/2009 - 5.8 miles - Pinehurst to Greenlake and back - ? minutes - 368 ft elevation gain, 368 ft elevation loss

Bikely Map

Noticing that my rear derailleur is ready for adjusting. It's taking longer for it to shift into the last gear.

Also, the front brake outside lever is burying. The one in the middle still works fine though.

Hot! Around 85 degrees, sunny.

5/29/2009 - 33 miles - Work to Home - 3 hours 15 minutes - 1947 ft elevation gain, 1918 ft elevation loss

Bike Map TBD

Taking a lesson from last week, I scheduled a long ride home on a FRIDAY this time, with FOOD planned at the end.

Jordan and I left work around 5:30, took the Fremont Bridge (Jordan showed me where the Ship Canal Trail was, so now I won't have to wait through that stupid double light at the Fremont Bridge!) (although this time we still had to wait for the Fremont Bridge to open and close), turned west onto the BG, and then north on 8th Ave.

Then we scootched over to 3rd ave, and from there did a loop similar to one I did twice before... via Richmond Beach Park, you end up in Edmonds at the ferry terminal. At the underwater park, there are bathrooms and a working water fountain.

Then there's a rough ride out of Edmonds on Pine St and NW 199th St, then home free on the Interurban Trail. Chris was a total rockstar and had stuff for tacos all ready in minutes.

After dinner, in a moment of madness, Jordan decided to bike the rest of the way home.

It was really warm, about 65-70, for the first half of the ride. On the beach at Edmonds though, it was pretty chilly, but once we were away from the coast it was warm enough again.

5/28/2009 - 13.5 miles - Work to Home - 74 minutes - 736 ft elevation gain, 792 ft elevation loss

Bike Map TBD

Took the now-normal route home, up Stone, right at 117th and over the 1st Ave bridge over I-5.

Gorgeous weather, about 70 degrees, almost too warm.

5/26/2009 - 19.5 miles - Interurban Trail - 130 minutes - 1375 ft elevation gain, 1139 ft elevation loss

Bike Map TBD

Met up with Rachel at 125th st and the Interurban trail, and we rode up even further than Chris and I did the day before, to 208th St SW, in Lynnwood.

On the way back, we just took Meridian, which seems to make a good loop if you're riding the Interurban Trail. Not as many turns.

5/25/2009 - 16.9 miles - Interurban Trail - 130 minutes - 1375 ft elevation gain, 1139 ft elevation loss

Bike Map TBD

More exploring on the Interurban trail. Talked Chris into joining me... we had the day off for Memorial Day, and the weather was gorgeous, 65-70 and sunny.

We finally made it all the way from home to where I first tried out the Interurban trail that's described in the Washington rails-to-trails book two years ago, a little ways north of Lake Ballinger.

On the way back we stopped at Echo Lake and split a protein bar on a bench, and wondered if we had kayaks, if we could just bring them along and paddle around in Echo Lake.

5/21/2009 - 30.3 miles - Work to Home via Mercer Island - 188 minutes - 1723 ft elevation gain, 1766 ft elevation loss

Bike Map TBD

Rode with Jordan over I-90, did a counter-clockwise lap around Mercer, stopping at the park at the south end of the island, Clarke Beach Park(?).

We rode down the hill in the park to the water, a really nice spot with a great view, a pier you can walk out on, bathrooms, and a water fountain that didn't work. Getting back up that little hill was crap - I walked a bit of it, but no big deal since it was short. Was worth the side trip though.

After Mercer we rode north on Lake Washington Blvd, and along the marked Lake Washington bike loop. We crossed over Montlake bridge, and then Jordan took the BG trail west to home, and I went northeast.

I made it to 45th St, and called Chris to figure out dinner. We agreed to meet at Matthews Beach Park, so I rode the BG to Matthews Beach, around 75th St. I loaded my bike in the car, and we drove to dinner.

Another glorious day for biking, about 65 degrees. Felt a bit chilly near the end of the ride as the sun was setting, might have gotten down to 55 degrees. Plus, I'd run out of "fuel"... should have eaten more while I was riding.

5/20/2009 - 13.5 miles - Work to Home - ? minutes - ? ft elevation gain, ? ft elevation loss

Bike Map TBD

Took the now-normal route home, up Stone, right at 117th and over the 1st Ave bridge over I-5.

Gorgeous weather, about 65 degrees, super sunny.

5/16/2009 - 12.6 miles - Interurban Trail - 82 minutes - 988 ft elevation gain, 1050 ft elevation loss

Bike Map TBD

Still trying to find my way further north on the Interurban Trail, plus I felt bad for not making it to 30 miles the night before.

Gorgeous weather, about 65 degrees, super sunny.

5/15/2009 - 23 miles - Work to Home via Golden Gardens, Interurban Trail - 172 minutes - 1616 ft elevation gain, 1642 ft elevation loss

Bike Map TBD

Biked home from work with Jordan. Headed to the Chittenden Locks, then northwest through Golden Gardens, through Blue Ridge (a hellishly hillish ride), then north along the Interurban Trail. We turned around at 185th St, and took Meridian south to my house. Jordan refilled his water bottle, and then biked home.

Gorgeous weather, about 65 degrees, super sunny. First sign of bike short tan lines. :-)

5/10/2009 - 12.4 miles - Interurban Trail - 78 minutes - ? ft elevation gain, ? ft elevation loss

Bike Map TBD

Headed north on the Interurban Trail from N 125th St, going to try and figure out what happened to it at 185th St, and I utterly failed, even though I'd done it coming the other way before.

The key is once you hit 185th, continue on Midvale Ave N, which should turn into the Interurban trail again. There is a nice compass embedded in the sidewalk at that intersection, but it does not tell you what to do North of there.

Drizzled a bit and was cloudy, about 60 degrees, nice trip in jacket shell and shorts.

5/7/2009 - 14.4 miles - Work to Home - 85 minutes - ? ft elevation gain, ? ft elevation loss

Bike Map TBD

Tried a new route: After crossing the Fremont Bridge, turned LEFT, missed the Burke Gilman and instead biked along 36th/Leary Way; Turned right on 8th Ave NW, NW 100th Pl, 3rd Ave NW, NW 105th St, 1st Ave NW, N 110th St, to the Interurban Trail, then N 125th St to home.

Used 8th Ave as a change of scenery and alternative to Stone. Not sure which one's rougher. 8th is not as steep as Stone, but it feels much longer. Will have to see what it feels like on the next run.

Was pouring as I left work, did not pull my rain pants down far enough so my socks got soggy. Was warm enough for the whole trip though.

5/3/2009 - 3 miles - Around Home - 23 minutes - ? ft elevation gain, ? ft elevation loss

Bike Map TBD

Just biking around home scouting for yard sales. Did not find anything. :-\

5/3/2009 - 14.3 miles - Home to International District - 78 minutes - ? ft elevation gain, ? ft elevation loss

Bike Map TBD

Home to NE 115th st, over I-5 on 1st ave ne, S on Meridian, S on Wallingford, around the east side of greenlake, down stone way, over fremont bridge, dravus/15th ave nw, to pier 91 trail onto alaskan way. last bit was up jackson to 8th ave, where I met Chris, his mom, and his niece, and we ate dim sum at House of Hong.

60 degrees, sunny. Work bike shorts, t-shirt and sweatshirt, hiking socks and boots. Trying wearing boots again to protect my arches.

4/30/2009 - 13.2 miles - Work to Home - 93 minutes - ? ft elevation gain, ? ft elevation loss

Bike Map TBD

Tried a new route: 3rd ave, pike, 8th ave, howell/eastlake, ?, brooklyn, wandering all over campus, 45th st, 36th ave to the Burke Gilman trail, sand point way, 125th.

Howell/Eastlake sucks. There's enough room for bikes, but there's lots of cars and lights.

59 degrees, sunny. Starting to see the slightest of bike short tan lines. :-) Wore a long sleeve shirt with a t-shirt over it, a little on the warm side.

4/27/2009 - 12.8 miles (BOTH bikes) - Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park to the half-moon park in Woodinville - 93 minutes (sat still for about 13 of those minutes) - ? ft elevation gain, ? ft elevation loss

Bike Map TBD

Took my sister biking along the Burke Gilman trail, loaned her my new bike, and I rode my old bike (Marin). The Marin seriously needs its gears cleaned.

It was a clear day, but we still needed gloves and headbands, though I was comfortable in shorts. No chickens along the way! Just ducks.

4/21/2009 - 21? miles - Work to Home via Discovery Park and Chittenden Locks - ? minutes - ? ft elevation gain, ? ft elevation loss

Bikely Map TBD

Talked Jordan into biking a new route after work with me, since he knew the route up into Magnolia/Discovery Park.

Unfortunately I forgot to turn my GPS on until we were through the park, so I don't know exactly how far or where we biked.

We got all the way through Discovery Park and were headed out the North end, when Jordan realized there was something wrong with his wheel, so we had to mess around with his bike for a while. Eventually we found a spoke had broken off, so the wheel was bending and hitting the frame and brakes. We couldn't fix the spoke, so he disabled the rear brakes, and got the wheel aligned just right so that he could continue biking.

Walked down through the locks, but missed picking up the Burke Gilman somehow. Continued on the BG into UW campus, and Jordan gave me a tour or some of it. Then he turned around and went home, and I continued up the BG until 92nd St.

At 92nd, I got off the BG onto Sand Point Way, and got onto a bus, and had the bus take me up to Northgate Way and 14th Ave NE, where I biked the rest of the way home. But I got to skip out about 250 feet of elevation gain. :-)

Beautiful sunny day, about 65.

4/19/2009 - 6 miles - Haller Lake, Seattle, WA - 60? minutes - 358 ft elevation gain, 384 ft elevation loss

Bikely Map

It was a beautiful spring day and I'd gotten a lot of chores done, so I did a quick ride around home to explore the routes marked on my biking map as biker-favored roads. Was a worthwhile short trip - found some more peaceful ways to get over to Aurora.

4/18/2009 - 30.3 miles - La Conner, WA - ? minutes - ? ft elevation gain, ? ft elevation loss

(Bikely map TBD)

Rode along with Megan, Ruben, Lauren, and Elias. We left Seattle at 7:30, stopping once for coffee.

We did the long half of the route before lunch, arriving at the pub at 11:15. Their sign says they don't open until 11:30, but perhaps during the big tulip weekends they open early. By the time we finished lunch and headed back out (12:15pm), the pub was PACKED. Also, there were cars lined up along the roads everywhere and it was crazy flower viewing time. So for future reference, try to do La Conner in the morning on flower weekends. We got back to the cars in about half an hour after lunch, and drove back south to Seattle. There were lines of stopped cars on the freeway still trying to get to La Conner.

The first half of the route we did, there were hardly any flower fields, but as a super bonus, there were no crowds either, and very few cars. There were still nice farms to look at, and we passed a big farm of llamas. :-)

I think the temperature ranged from the low 40's to the mid 50's. I kept my rain pants on all day (even though it was sunny) as a windbreaker, so I was warm enough. Also had my coat shell and long underwear top on.

4/7/2009 - 14.2 miles - Work to home - 84 minutes - 1105 ft elevation gain, 912 ft elevation loss

Bikely Map

Same route I've taken many times before home from work

Bike chain did not fall off. :-) Thanks, Revolution Cycles.

Annoying head wind (about 10 mph?) from downtown until I was almost past Magnolia. I was in the middle of the Fremont Bridge when the alarms went off that they were going to raise the bridge. :-)

65 degrees, bike shorts, t-shirt and sweatshirt, socks, sneakers = good temperature. Couldn't take my sweatshirt off b/c of the windyness.

4/5/2009 - Maintenance - Adjust Front Derailleur

Who = Jake the Snake, Revolution Cycles

What = Adjusted front derailleur

When = 537.2 miles

Where = Front derailleur

Why = Chain kept falling off whenever I switched to the front high gear. The derailleur was out too far, and crooked, so it was pushing the chain past the high gear and off.

Details = Took it to Revolution Cycles; I offered them $5 for labor; were done in 10 minutes

4/3/2009 - 15 miles - Work to Newcastle (Derek's) - ? hours

Biked from work to Newcastle Friday after work.

The approximate route - I think I took a route across Mercer that was closer to I-90, used more trails.

A gorgeous day - 45 degrees, sunny, no wind, bike shorts, no sweatpants, long underwear shirt no t-shirt, with winter jacket shell, normal socks, sneakers, = good temperature. However, once I was inside and settled, a couple of my toes went numb.

Also, the dumb bike chain fell off about 3/4 through the trip, even though I was being really careful. But I think I figured out when it's happening - it's always on the front gears, when I'm switching from lo to hi. I'm not sure it matters where the back gear is.

3/29/2009 - 35.4 miles - Home to Marymoor Park - 192 minutes + 26 minute break halfway - ? ft elevation gain, ? ft elevation loss


Started out from home by myself, met up with Dan and Saska at Marymoor Park by the tennis courts, then rode with them back to Third Place Books, where they stopped, and then I continuted home.

Bike chain fell off once, 3/4 through the trip.


3/26/2009 - 14.2 miles - Work to home - 77 minutes - 1105 ft elevation gain, 912 ft elevation loss

Bikely Map

Same route I've taken four times before home from work

Definitely better time. Bike chain fell off once, near the end of the trip. Cleaning does not seem to have helped.

50 degrees, cloudy, bike shorts, long underwear shirt, with winter jacket shell, socks, sneakers, no gloves, no headband = a little warm, but not hot.

3/22/2009 - Maintenance - Clean/lube bike chain

Who = Jake the Snake

What = Cleaned a WHOLE LOT of grime out of my chain, still seems to have a lot in it, but it's not visible (just comes off in the cloth/on my hands).

When = about 472.6 miles

Where = chain

Why = It was filthy. Hoping (stupidly?) that this will slow down the rate that my chain's been falling off.

Details = Lubed with "Tri-flow".

3/21/2009 - 24 miles - Home to Red Hook and back - 1047 ft elevation gain - 1047 ft elevation loss - about 132 minutes of biking time

Bikely Map (only shows one directions though)

Biked with Chris from home to Red Hook for lunch, then over to Chateau Ste Michelle to pick up some wine, then back home.

Chain fell off again, on a flat straightaway, about halfway back home.

3/13/2009 - 14.2 miles - Work to home - 79 minutes - 1105 ft elevation gain, 912 ft elevation loss

Bikely Map

Same route I've taken three times before home from work

Felt like I made better time. Would have been REALLY fast, but my bike chain fell off twice. It's also fallen off on my previous two rides, so it's probably time to clean/tighten it.

55 degrees, sunny, bike shorts, long underwear shirt, with winter jacket shell, hiking socks, sneakers, no gloves, no headband = a little warm, but not hot. Probably would have been fine without the jacket.

3/10/2009 - 14.2 miles - Work to home - 87 minutes - 1105 ft elevation gain, 912 ft elevation loss

Bikely Map

Same route I've taken twice before home from work

40 degrees, windy, bike shorts, long underwear shirt, with winter jacket shell, hiking socks, boots, gloves, headband = really cold skin temperature. I did not mind it while I was biking, but it took all night after I got home to warm up, even after a hot shower. I should have gone in the hot tub.

3/8/2009 - 12 miles - Home to Red Hook - 60 minutes

Bikely Map

Biked to the brewery to meet friends for lunch. Got a ride back from Chris.

I think I only passed five other bikers - there was a chance of ice this morning, but I took the chance and am glad I did. The trail was a bit damp, but not wet, not icy. There was a little dusting of snow on the sides of the trail.

40 degrees, sunny, no wind, bike shorts with rain pants, long underwear shirt no t-shirt, with winter jacket shell, hiking socks, boots, gloves, headband = good temperature.

3/6/2009 - 15 miles - Work to Newcastle (Derek's) - 1.5 hours

Biked with Jordan from work to Newcastle Friday after work.

Our approximate route - I think we took a route across Mercer that was closer to I-90, used more trails. Also, once on the East side, we missed the turn onto 60th street, and instead stayed on 112th street to 68th street, and then right onto 116th.

Smack in the middle of Mercer there's a place where the bike path forks, one side goes up and the other down, and we tried up first, but it turned out that would have crossed us over 405. If you look at a satellite picture of Mercer, it's at the green patch right in the middle over 405.

The ponies Jen mentioned on 116th were slightly south of 68th.

The last bit, along 88th, was not particularly bike friendly (no shoulder), but there was not much traffic and we didn't have to stay on it long.

I picked up an awesome "Biking Bellevue" map that covers most of the east side of this trip at the kiosk as soon as you cross the bridge from Mercer to Bellevue.

40 degrees, sunny, no wind, bike shorts, no sweatpants, long underwear shirt no t-shirt, with winter jacket shell, hiking socks, boots, gloves, headband = good temperature.

3/4/2009 - 2.7 miles - Greenlake to Pinehurst - ? minutes - 223 ft elevation gain, 118 ft elevation loss

Bikely Map

This is the first time I comfortably got the last uphill on 120th - something must have clicked in my form.

2/27/2009 - 18 miles - Work to home - 115 minutes - 1253 ft elevation gain, 1059 ft elevation loss

Bikely Map

Took a longer way home today, about 18 miles in about 115 minutes. Took the route through Myrtle Edwards Park through the train tracks, Dravus St to 15th ave nw to Nickelson to Fremont Bridge. Then stayed on the Burke Gilman through UD until 97th st, then went over to Sand Point Way, up 125th st (Hi Jarrett!!), and home.

Incidentally, on my bike in lowest gear, the hard part of NE 125th st is about 125 pedal rotations. Today is the first time I biked up Sand Point Way, and the first time I biked up 125th St (though that I have walked my bike up 125th a couple of times.) :-)

40 degrees, bike shorts with sweatpants, long underwear shirt and t-shirt, with winter jacket shell, hiking socks, boots, gloves, headband = good temperature. I took off my jacket for the last hills - up sand point way and 125th, and was glad I did.

2/17/2009 - 14.2 miles - Work to home - 81 minutes - 1105 ft elevation gain, 912 ft elevation loss

Bikely Map

Same route as 2/4/2009, slightly faster. I think I'm getting faster at the hills, still taking my time, since it's just awesome being outside and not freezing in the sun after work.

45 degrees, sunny, not windy, bike shorts, long underwear shirt, with winter jacket shell, hiking socks, sneakers, no gloves, no headband = about perfect temperature. My butt was cold once I was inside and sitting down, but the hot tub can fix that. :-)

2/14/2009 - 25 miles - Interurban Trail / Edmonds loop

Bikely Map

Fun with Megan and Rachel and Sherry. Same loop as we did last year, in August (which I haven't posted about on this page).

I made it up the shorter hill of death - 24 pedal rotations in lowest gear, having to pull up on my handlebars so I had enough force to make the pedals go around, like Negley in Pittsburgh, since my own bulk wasn't enough.

2/4/2009 - 14.8 miles - Work to home - 88 minutes - 1163 ft elevation gain, 972 ft elevation loss

Bikely Map

Temperature was about 50 degrees. A little cold on my ears at first, but other than that, with my jacket shell and long underwear, temperature was perfect. I took a more scenic route this time - along Alaskan Way, similar to how we biked to Alki on 1/25/2009, but we didn't get to do the return trip up Stone, so I wanted to see what that was like. Not bad. I continued up around Greenlake, up Wallingford, to College Way, around the East side of Bitter Lake, and down 130th/Roosevelt/125th street on home.

1/31/2009 - 23 miles - Seward Park to Mercer Island

Bikely Map (only Seward to I-90 piece)

Started at Caffe Vita near Seward Park, biked north, then across the I-90 bridge, did a lap around Mercer Island, and back. The wiggly bits on the east side of the island are a blast. Temperature was about 40 degrees, and sunny - a gorgeous day.

1/28/2009 - 7 miles - Pinehurst to Third Place Books (65th st & 20th ave)

Bikely Map

Biked from home to book club at Third Place books, and then right back home again. When I got home and was taking my boots off, I got a major calf cramp. Temperature was about 40 degrees, my toes got really cold on the way to the book store, but not on the way home.

1/25/2009 - about 25 miles - Greenlake to Alki with Megan and Rachel

Bikely Map

Greenlake to Alki via Stone Way, Fremont Bridge, down the East side of Magnolia. Ended up at Alki Bakery, got lunch, and thawed out. COLD, WINDY, and SNOWING on Alki!

1/20/2009 - 11.2 miles - Biked home from work - 1177 ft elevation gain, 816 ft elevation loss

Bikely Map

Took bike downtown on the bus, biked home.

1/18/2009 - 16.0 miles - Third Place Books to Red Hook Brewery via Burke-Gilman/Sammamish River Trail

With Megan, Rachel, Josh, and Madeleine

1/14/2009 - 5.0 miles - Greenlake

Biked to Megan's house to lift.

11/15/2009 - about 16 miles - Red Hook

Biked to Red Hook with Rachel, Katy, and Megan. Not sure which bike I used... probably new one.

9/21/2008 - about 18 miles (on old bike) - Alki, WA - ? ft elevation gain, ? ft elevation loss - ? hours

"Biking to Alki" - not sure with whom, on my old bike.

i think this is the trip chris and i did with jordan from capitol hill.

9/2009 - Maintenance - Brakes

After getting the bike back from Recycled Cycles, they had tightened down the front brakes so hard I couldn't get the front wheel off to get it in the car - Chris had to do it. I figured I was a wuss, and would sort it out when I got home. Wrong.

I couldn't reattach the brakes. Again, Chris could, but after he did, the front tire would barely spin a whole revolution before getting stuck on the brakes, after I loosened them as far as they go. I doubt messing with the springs is going to help any since it's the cable that's pulling them in tight.

Later, we tried adjusting the brakes ourselves, but ended up stripping something on the inside of the brake. Chris ordered new brakes and installed them.

9/9/2009 - 9/12/2009 - Maintenance - Fix front derailleur, pedal

Who = Jake the Snake, Recycled Cycles

What =

When = 114.5 miles

Where = Front derailleur

Why = Chain was rubbing on something in the front derailleur, needed it tuned. Plus this trip was to let them know about the pedal incident. Asked them to give the bike another once over to make sure nothing else was going to fall off, not sure if they did.

Details = Took it back to Recycled Cycles. It is the last time they will ever see any of my bikes - they laughed when I told them the pedal and crank fell off. If they had done due diligence when putting the bike together, I wouldn't have had to come back twice before riding the bike a hundred miles.

9/9/2008 - 9.5 miles, home to recycled cycles

biked jake from home to recycled cycles, dropped it off there and took the bus back.

8/16/2008 - 25 miles, biking with megan, i think this was the first time we tried the edmonds loop

About mile 55 (for the bike), noticed pedal seemed loose, and I started having trouble getting the front derailleur into high gear. Megan and I fiddled with the cable, but the bike was stubborn. About mile 65, the left pedal AND crank fell off into traffic, and got run over, twice. I reattached the pedal bits on the side of the road, and gimped home. Tried to retune the front derailleur at home, but could only get it right enough for a short trip before the chain started rubbing again.

8/10/2008 - 40 miles

Biking with Megan, Josh, Chris, Heidi, Jordan, Rachel, Madeleine to Red Hook

started from home, went to red hook. on the way back, stayed on the burke gilman trail until stone way, then headed north, past greenlake, to home.

8/6/2008 - 6.9 miles

biked to megan's house for lifting

8/4/2009 - Maintenance - Fix rear derailleur

Who = Jake the Snake, Recycled Cycles

What =

When = 33.1 miles

Where = Rear derailleur

Why = Rear derailleur was out of wack - couldn't get into lowest gear.

Details = Took it to Recycled Cycles ...?

7/27/2008 - 26.8 miles - Vashon, WA - 2240 ft elevation gain, 2240 ft elevation loss - 3 hours

Lap around Vashon with Megan

Bike didn't have lowest gear working in rear derailleur

7/20/2008 - 5.3 miles - Woodland Park, WA - ? ft elevation gain, ? ft elevation loss - ? hours

Biked to Ontela's company picnic

7/13/2008 - 1 mile - home to sac bbq at victory heights park

7/13/2008 - Maintenance - Bought bike

Who = Jake the Snake, Recycled Cycles

What = New bike!

When = 0 miles

Where = Recycled cycles

Why =

Details = They took it away for 15 minutes to do an "initial service" on it.

7/12/2008 - 24.4 miles - burke gilman trail

biked to recycled cycles to test ride a couple bikes

7/5/2008 - 21 miles - green river trail

6/18/2008 - 5.2 miles - biked to megan's house and back for lifting

4/13/2008 - La Conner, WA, 21 miles

La Conner

7/7/2007 - cedar river trail, 11.9 miles

5/5/2007 - from megan's house to ours, 2.7 miles

4/18/2007 - King County Interurban Trail, WA, 16 miles

King County Interurban Trail

4/17/2007 - Interurban Trail, WA, 7 miles

started at 226th pl sw, mountlake terrace, and headed north to lynnwood and back.

3/29/2007 - Alki Trail, WA, 12.7 miles

3/29/2007 - 16.8 miles, burke gilman to Chateau Ste Michelle and Red Hook with chris, megan, and josh

1/27/2007 - Burke Gilman Trail to Chateau Ste Michelle, WA, about 16 miles

Burke Gilman Trail

1/20/2007 - biking on burke gilman near home, at least 3.7 miles

gps track is not helpful at figuring out how far i went.

1/18/2007 - biked to wamu, 2.4 miles

8/24/2006 - Montour Trail, PA

detour onto route 50, not marked
about 20.5 miles
after work thursday
passed about 10 bikers, 10 walkers, so not crowded at all
mostly shaded
some up & down compared to other flat trails, but it adds variety.
the tunnel is SCARY and drippy but neat.

8/23/2006 - Pittsburgh, PA

Went biking around home, up and down pretty steep hills. Lots of 1-1'ing. About 4 miles.

8/14/2006 - Armstrong Trail, PA

Started in Kittanning, PA, on the Cowes.... creek. Mistook it for the Allegheny River, and could not find the trail where I was supposed to be. Instead, I headed up the road, onto a trail I had crossed while driving, about 1/4 mile away from the parking lot. This trail had just been buldozed, and was quite bumpy, but wide (6') and mostly flat. I stayed on it for a mile, travelling through hemlocks. I walked my bike across a footbridge, and down a road made of large rocks, to an abandoned road bridge, then turned around and headed back the way I came.

On the way back, instead of heading back down the road to my car, I crossed the road and rejoined the trail on the other side of the road. This led through about another quarter mile of similar woods, then all of a sudden, the trail popped out of the woods into a grassy area, which was right next to the parking lot I *should* have parked in. From there, I could see where the *real* trail was, right next to the Allegheny river where it was supposed to be.

I got onto the Armstrong trail and headed north. The trail from here to the north end was about 1/2 mile long, "paved" with crushed limestone, which gradually dwindled down to high weeds and finally ended at a fallen tree.

After turning around at the tree and heading back south past where I got onto the trail, the trail became nice smooth wide asphalt-paved, but instead of being a bike highway like I was expecting, slowly made its way through a small town, with lots of stop signs for the bike trail. Was worth seeing the town once though. (At one point, the trail was under construction for about 1/8 mile and you were detoured onto the road.) I continued through town for about 3 miles, then the trail came out on top of a small hill, and I could not tell where it went next. I was at a 5-way intersection of abandoned roads next to a warehouse, and the road I thought most likely to be the trail headed uphill further, but on a steep about 30-degree slope.

I turned around then and headed back the way I came to the car, for a total of about 12.5 miles. Once I was on the actual trail, I was probably between MP 47 and MP 42 the entire time.

On a Monday evening from 5pm - 7:30pm, I passed a bunch of locals in town fooling around on the trail walking, biking, skateboarding, but didn't see any other serious bikers. The part in town seemed to be well-used for kids walking to activities, socializing, the elementary school skateboard gang, taking the baby for a walk, etc. Once outside of town, to the north, it was practically deserted.

8/6/2006 - Presque Isle State Park, PA

The bike trail at Presque Isle is a loop... half of the loop (on the northern shore) is even designated as one-way, because it is just a marked road shoulder. The southern half is a separate trail from the road.

I called the park in advance to check the status of the trails - always a good idea if you have to travel a long way to the trail. I asked, "Are all of the trails open?", and the lady on the phone said, "Yes," in the tone of voice that made me feel like a moron for asking such a stupid question. Of *course* the trails were open. So I hung up, and we headed to the park.

What I didn't ask, that I should have, was "Are all of the *bridges* open?"

After biking a few miles on the south shore, we got to the area with the statue, and found that the bridge that connects the southern half of the trail (and, incidentally, the road) to the northern half was *gone*. We had to bike all the way back the way we had come, and then try again the other way, which was against traffic, on the left hand side of the road. We didn't see any signs that the bridge or trail were out until we were halfway done with the north trail. There was a small sign for users of the bike trail that said "Two-way traffic permitted until December 31, 2006, during bridge construction."

Another frustration with the trail is that in the park, there is a place where you can rent bikes, trikes, and four-person-pedalling go-cart type things, all of which were all over the trail. I think this problem could be easily mitigated by only using the park and bike trail off-season. The park was probably packed because it was a nice sunny hot Sunday in August. The north shore, and further away from the parking lots, there weren't nearly as many other patrons. We were in the park around 2pm - 5pm.

Bring a swimsuit - there are bathhouses and beaches on Lake Erie everywhere. The beaches and water looked really nice, and there were a lot of swimmers, although I've heard they frequently have to close the beaches due to disease concerns.

The trail is paved with smooth asphalt the entire way around (except over the missing bridge), so you can rollerblade on it as well as bike. It's about 6' wide.

We did about 12 miles.

8/5/2006 - Wheeling Heritage Trails, WV

Needs a write-up. Chris and I rollerbladed/biked it.

7/30/2006 - Montour Trail, PA

I biked this alone one Sunday, about 8 miles.

Needs a write-up.

7/29/2006 - Failed attempt at the Ghost Town Trail, PA

Chris and I tried a rollerblading/biking trip to this trail because it was advertised as paved. However, it was only paved to bicyclists, so we had to leave the rollerblades and bike in the car and just walk some of it.

7/16/2006 - Youghiogheny River Trail (YRT)

Started in Boston, PA (near McKeesport), and headed southeast.

Paved with crushed limestone and almost completely level.

Did about 20 miles, from MP 19 to MP 29 and back.

On a Sunday evening from 4pm - 7pm, passed bikers going the other way about once every 5-10 minutes, but the trail did not feel crowded.

7/8/2006 - Stavich Bicycle Trail

Started at east end, and headed west. I biked, Chris rollerbladed.

Paved with asphalt, but there were a couple hazards to watch for, for rollerbladers.

About 11 miles, 5.5 in and back.

On a Saturday afternoon, passed a couple of other bikers. For the most part we were alone.