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Purple Shirt

Started: November 30, 2008

Finished: January 11, 2009

Size: 12

For: Self

Some stats

time: 2 months, about 40 hours of work (the pattern says it takes 3 hours. we spent 6 cutting out the pattern alone and making it fit)

Buttonholes for 1/2 inch buttons on my machine, use buttonhole option with 5 / 16 / .4.

Cost of supplies:


A bunch of us (Megan, Heidi, Katy, Rachel, Colleen, and I) signed up for a how-to-make-a-fitted-shirt class, and since the classes are only six people, we had it to ourselves. The class was supposed to be over two Sundays, but the second one we got snowed out - it was the week Seattle got a foot of snow and basically shut down. The make up week, I was gone for Christmas, so I got half of the cost of the class refunded.

The first day we didn't touch any fabric - it was entirely getting all of us sized, cutting out pattern pieces, pinning the pattern pieces to ourselves while running around in our underwear, then cutting them apart and taping them back together twenty times. Took all eight hours to get the six of us to have patterns that were ready to use, and Rachel's still wasn't completely done. However, now with the book and having watched the teacher resize patterns so many times, I could probably make any shirt pattern fit me better. And I know a lot more about what all the stupid markings on patterns are for.

The rest of the shirt I had to finish by myself, using some howto's on the internet to figure out how, and I think it turned out great, but unfortunately it looks a bit too renaissance for work. (My major motivation in taking this class was to get a work blouse that fits.)

Hopefully I'll attempt to make another shirt sometime this year, so I retain some of what I learned.