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Started: ? 2008

Finished: ? 2008

Size: 10" high x 8" wide

For: The v4 Team (at work)


At work, we have short "scrum" meetings at the start of each day, in which we write our tasks on post-its, stick them on a board, and move them around as they go into progress or are completed. Weeks pass. We get bored of plain old yellow stickies.

Someone has the brilliant idea that we start using different colored stickies, and each person's tasks go on a different color, to make them easier to find on the board. Erin (our PM) found these REALLY LOUD stickies (pictured), and carried them around with her to meetings in an equally LOUD plastic bag - it was kind of flourescent and it also crinkled really loudly when people grabbed it during a meeting to get more stickies out.

So, I decided the team needed a bag that was a) consistently loud, and b) quiet.

Some stats

time: Not sure, maybe 4-8 hours?

I like how the seams turned out - I first sewed the seams like a normal box, and then sewed along the edges at 1/4", so you don't have the fraying edges inside the bag. There's an inch hem at the top of the bag, which the handles are sewn under. Then I did another lap around the top of the bag to sew the handle tops in place, and keep the top of the bag's edge crisp.

Cost of supplies: