/ hiking / Shannon Falls, BC, CA

Shannon Falls, BC, CA

Date: November 23, 2007

Length: ? miles

With: Chris

GPS Coordinates of region: TBD

This was a cold icy day in BC. There was snow and ice in the parking lot, and we hiked up quite a bit. The trail was mostly clear, but there were some treacherous spots.

The bridge footing has a coating of ice.

This one's a little more obvious. The two shots after this are of the ice on the handrail, created by spray from the waterfall.

Trees are so weird sometimes.

Some snow at our final lookout, and Chris' backpack.

That windy road we drove all the way up from Vancouver. The entire road is under construction, since they're getting ready for the winter Olympics, when everyone will be driving from Vancouver up to Whistler(?) where all the skiing happens.

Nothing like a slab of jerky at the top. Except maybe a PB&J. Tough call.