/ hiking / Wolf Rocks Trail, PA

Wolf Rocks Trail, PA

Date: September 13, 2005

Length: 4.06 miles

With: Deb Denovich

GPS Coordinates of region: N40 007.763' W79 011.293'

my gps's output of the hike

profile of the hike

trail pic 1


view 1

view 2

view 3

we found a sort of geocache thingy, except there was just a couple of letters in it. deb left a note from us.

writing the note

deb says deer make an ugly woods because they eat anything that's not ferns up to six feet high, and make a wasteland like this.

neat tree.

Acer pensylvanicum, "Striped Maple" leaf

striped maple bark

striped maple bark

we found a brochure for the annual flax scutching festival. i think it's this coming weekend, if anybody's interested.