/ hiking / Hickory Creek Trail, PA

Hickory Creek Trail, PA

Date: April 15-16, 2006

Length: 12 miles

With: Chris Lee

GPS Coordinates of region: N41 41.076' W79 16.050'

the gps wasn't working real well this trip, for whatever reason. it had some vague idea where we were late the first day and late the second day. "BEARTRAP" is where we hung up our food. :-)

Near the parking lot, there was a grove of pretty young white pines, all planted in rows. Pretty surreal.

Same area, looking up.

Happy hikers.

This is what the typical blazes looked like. Some were really fresh yellow paint, but most looked like this, pretty faded. I read conflicting reports on how well blazed this trail was. They were *all* right. Some of the blazes were right after the other, some sections we worked really hard to find them, some we couldn't find them and had to depend on the topo map & compass.

A brighter blaze. I think this is where we stopped for a snack.


Our trail crossed what must have been an abandon railroad. Earlier on the trail we found some railroad ties.

Sunset out of our tent window.

Another surreal picture - I accidentally had the exposure set too long, but the picture turned out kind of neat.

A more realistic exposure.

These were the only two kinds of wildflowers we saw.

The little white/purple ones seem to LOVE the dead leaves. We walked through an area like this for about two miles, and the entire woods smelled perfumed.

Not sure what these are - e-mail me if you know. We figured they were mounds where the chipmunks buried the lost hikers they had killed.

Chris next to a blowdown.

This fungus seems to be attacking all of the beeches in the area... about half of the beeches had aleady been completely killed by it, and had fallen down. Another quarter of them had a bunch of it growing on them, and the other quarter weren't infected yet.

"There's something in my shoe", part 3. Note he's sitting on one of the downed beeches.