/ hiking / Grove Run Loop Trail, PA

Grove Run Loop Trail, Linn Run State Park, PA

Date: September 25, 2005

Length: 4.17 miles

With: Chris Lee

GPS Coordinates of region: N40 08.795' W79 13.048'

my gps's output of the hike

vertical profile


this is a 2-foot cascade. or was supposed to be. "intermittent grove run" was having an intermittent day.

don't know what this stuff is

bridge over troubled grove run

an actual cascade, coming off of a really nifty rock that was full of little puddlebuckets

empty puddles


the puddles cascaded into each other


i love beech trees that look at you

boy, hikin'

the trail

a trail register, on a very wiggly post

this thing had huge leaves

this is the quarry 'trail'? 'road'?

i think this is an expired chestnut tree

probably more chestnut tree

look closely at the tree to the left of the boy... it's not touching the ground

trail pic

quarry road

gorgeous straight trees

you can see some of the rocks in the trail... at times it got really annoying.