/ hiking / Nottingham County Park, PA

Nottingham County Park, PA

Date: December 28, 2007

Length: ? miles

With: Chris, Rebecca, Dad, Angel

GPS Coordinates of region: TBD

Always carry a map with you.

Hmmm. The map is pretty hard to see. We usually end up walking in Nottingham park over the holidays. It's pretty close to my Dad's house, and the dog can come too.

This one's a little better.

This is a dog who regularly gets carsick. But anything my sister desires, the dog will tolerate. (Except maybe thunderstorms. Thunderstorms are probably right out.)
MVI_0100.AVI - Dad & Chris on the swings
MVI_0102.AVI - Angel getting ready to swing
MVI_0103.AVI - Angel swinging