/ hiking / The Pinnacle and part of the Appalachian Trail, Hamburg, PA

The Pinnacle and part of the Appalachian Trail, Hamburg, PA

Date: May 28, 2008

Length: 8.17 miles

With: Dad

GPS Coordinates of region: TBD

Appalachian Trail
Windsor Furnace
5.9 Port Clinton
1201.4 Springer Mountain
Pulpit Rock 1.7
Pinnacle 4.0
Eckville 5.3
Katahdin 965.7

Baby Sassafras tree

Pink Lady's Slipper

Lilac about a week from blooming

Ground cone

Mmmm, Pennsylvania Appalachian Trail


Pulpit Rock, 1582 ft elev

Views from Pulpit Rock


The bump on the left is the Pinnacle, where we hiked to

Pulpit Rock from the side

Cell tower

Yes, this is also part of the AT

Blueberry bush

Tradition says one throws a rock on this pile. It was probably about 12 feet tall.

Views from the Pinnacle

In loving memory of Rob Langdale (I have no idea who he was... that's just what this mailbox said. There were a bunch of notes and scribbled thoughts in the mailbox.)

Probably gypsy moth caterpillars

Found this pit near the Pinnacle... kind of spooky when you can't see the bottom.

Appalachian Trail
Winsor Furnace 4.2
Gold Spring 2
Eckville 5.3

Here the AT goes straight, but we turned left to head back to the car.

A creek and its Rhododendron groupies