Hiking Home : Bryce Canyon National Park, Navajo/Queen's Garden Trails combination, UT

April 28, 2006

2.9 miles (elevation gain 521 feet)

With: Chris Lee and Dad

GPS Coordinates of region: N3737.374' W11209.749'

These hikes probably look short, but there is so much to look at it takes a long time to finish.
Step 1: get down into Bryce Amphitheater via switchbacks. I think this is what the walk to hell might look like, but I don't think it would be 70 degrees, sunny, and beautiful.
Other tourists. They're very good at walking sideways with a video camera and not falling off the trail.
Trailblazers didn't know about Chris.
Still descending
Dad on the switchback above me
This is an area called "Wall Street"...
...there were a couple of fir trees who have been living here quite some time.
Playing with the sun in the rocks
Looks like temple ruins
Hoodoos with people, for scale
Another tunnel not made for Chris
I think this one looks like E.T.
Awesome landscapes.
A fir tree on its tippy-toes.
The hoodoo with a chicken-shaped rock sitting on it.