Hiking Home : Red Cliffs Recreation Site, UT

May 1, 2006

1.6 miles (elevation gain: all at once)

With: Chris Lee and Dad

GPS Coordinates of region: N3713.642' W11324.588'

Dad standing in a dead cottonwood tree trunk
This came out fuzzy, but I like it.
A little waterfall - about 10 feet
We were hiking in and out of the stream again.
Don't cross the streams!
Someone chiseled hand and footholds here so you could get above the waterfall, but without a little bit of rock climbing experience, you probably would have fallen in.
Just *sigh* pretty.
Weird lumpy rocks. I believe these are all petrified sand dunes.
Most of this trail was sandy, not in the creek.
I'm not sure you're allowed to do this in a rental car - at several places, you had to drive through the creek.
One-lane tunnels under I-15.