Hiking Home : Zion National Park, Kolob Canyons region, Taylor Creek Trail, UT

April 30, 2006

4.6 miles (elevation gain ~500 feet)

With: Chris Lee and Dad

GPS Coordinates of region: N3727.726' W11311.036'

There were about 60 stream crossings, one way, to get to the end of the hike. That's 60 x 2 directions x 3 hikers = 360 stream crossings and no wet feet!
View from the parking lot of the canyon we walked into
Stream crossing number 1, probably
I think this stuff is called horse tail or horse reed, same stuff we have here on the east coast. My dad spotted it growing out of a rock, which was kind of strange.
For a short while, the stream and trail were parallel. :-)
Over the river and under the rock, to where we do not know...
Ah, apparently we were going to Double Arch Alcove.
Double Arch Alcove. A big echo-ey place, but not the main attraction. Scroll on...
Couldn't cross the stream here... wasn't anywhere to go.
Here's the cool part. Any hike ending in a neat 50 foot cascade is a good hike.
I didn't get any good pictures of what it was like inside the crevice with the waterfall falling right next to you. It was awesome.
I climbed up to the top of the waterfall and looked up the canyon. Would have been neat to continue on, but it was a crappy climb, all on sand and scree.
It takes
a while
to get
your pack
and gear
A five foot snake. I looked him up, but forget his name already.
Same shrub as in Zion, but with flowers
Neat swiss cheese rock
When we were about a mile from the car the sky started to look threatening, but we didn't get rained on until later, while we were driving to the overlook.
i LOVE this one.
Huge Utah Juniper shrubs.