/ hiking / West Bean to Goose Rock, Deception Pass State Park, WA

West Bean to Goose Rock, Deception Pass State Park, WA

Date: June 12, 2008

Length: 3.4 miles

With: Chris, Jo, Josh

GPS Coordinates of region: TBD

I got the impression Jo likes the waves

This is Josh, calling Chris, come in Chris...


I think during high tide we couldn't actually have made it around this point. At least, not as dry as we did.
MVI_0602.AVI - Listen to the rocks settling back into place after a wave comes in.

See the log jutting into the water? That's where we ate lunch. The point after that is the one where you got a look at Jo rounding the corner. The beach beyond is where we were walking at the beginning.

Miner's lettuce. Unfortunately, my focus missed.

Ze bridge

Looking south. We saw a bunch of army planes taking off and landing from here.

Stonecrap. er, Stonecrop.

On the far, nearly invisible horizon, Canada. On the nearer horizon, the San Juan islands. The near lump, no idea.



MVI_0604.AVI - Chris and Jo rounding the point and not getting soaked. Wait for it...
Jo, Josh, and Chris played the "don't walk on the sand" game on the way back to the car.

Chris was disqualified first by a surprise rock

Josh had the wherewithal to bring along a backup bridge in case of gaps.

Interesting things happen when one hikes with Josh.