/ hiking / Little Si, WA

Little Si, WA

Date: May 4, 2008

Length: ?

With: Chris

GPS Coordinates of region: TBD

I think we settled on this hike because it was the first one on I-90 we found that still had parking available.

Pacific Bleeding Heart

Close up



Oregon Grape

Chris and a crazy-ass tree stump portal


Oooh, found some climbing rocks. There were a lot of pre-set routes along here, with some climbers on them.

Sword fern fiddleheads.

Chris would rather be climbing

Neatly lit huckleberry


I love fiddleheads.

Let's see if I can get this one right this time... Salmonberry?

These are aliens.

Yay, fiddleheads.

The lump in the center of the frame is Little Si. The real Si starts to the right. :-) Someday I'll be able to hike up 3,000 ft at once.