/ hiking / Merritt Lake, WA

Merritt Lake, WA

Date: October 12, 2008

Length: ~6 miles

Altitude: ~3000 - ~5000 feet

With: Megan, Madeleine, Rachel, Heidi, Joan, Paul, Eli, Katy, Saska, and Sampson the dog

GPS Coordinates of region: TBD

Katy was awesome and lent me her camera for this hike, so I TOOK HER PICTURE muhahaha

The birthday girl getting Madeleine ready

We take a time out





Katy & Megan help a young hiker


I don't want to go back in the pack

We hit snow around 4400 feet

Path was a little tricky at places from the snow, but not too bad

Merritt Lake

The grass in the sun was soooo pretty

Trying out Katy's macro mode

Heidi, with the invisible dog who was being driven bonkers by a chipmunk

On the way back down

In which Madeleine successfully negotiates a huge rock while hiking, but asks for help to get over a dumpy little log.