/ hiking / Gray Wolf Trail, Olympic National Forest, WA

Gray Wolf Trail, Olympic National Forest, WA

Date: April 7-8, 2007

Length: 7 miles

With: Chris Lee

GPS Coordinates of region: TBD

on the edmonds-kingston ferry

shortly after starting

it was cloudy and a little misty for most of our trip. luckily, we only got really reained on during the drive, and the clouds made for some misty views

interesting shaped trunk

my boy

the gray wolf river, where we stopped for snacks

the trail about halfway


not sure what these are...

interesting cliff - i think we ended up camping by it

about 3/4 there

a trillium - there were lots of them blooming this trip

the forest floor was covered in tiny ferns

the gray wolf river, next to our camp. the rapids made it difficult to hear any of those creepy night noises.

this is the cliff i think we were looking down on earlier

more trilliums

we snagged ice cream for the ferry ride back. chris thought i was going to let him eat mine, too. look at that smile!