Hoh River Trail, Olympic National Park, WA

September 10-11, 2005

6.92 miles

With: Megan Hazen, Eli Brandt

GPS Coordinates of region: N47051.572' W123056.166' (this links to a hybrid google map)

my gps's output of the hike

vertical profile

we started off with an elk sighting, near the posted warning signs that a bull elk had charged a camp and ripped a tent and injured somebody

megan's backpack, following eli's backpack

a shot of the hoh river valley

2nd shot of river

squirrel, eating a pine cone

gorgeous trees covered with moss

megan had a great time

our campsite

a grove of alder(?) trees

some weird plant. e-mail me if you know what it is

eli collecting firewood

eli breaking firewood

megan, and eli roasting a poptart fragment

mmmm, forest

mmmm, forest

i think this is mt tom river. there's a pretty high waterfall in the background, behind the trees


self portrait

huge trees

HUGE trees

a 2 inch snail/slug