/ hiking / Hoh River Trail, Olympic National Park, WA

Hoh River Trail, Olympic National Park, WA

Date: July 25, 2009

Length: 5.7 miles

Altitude: About 650 ft

With: Ed, Kelly, Chris

GPS Coordinates of region: TBD

Ed & Chris, off into the woods. Kelly got eaten by an elk.

The Hoh River

Neat silty chalky blue-gray water

The trail didn't linger too long along the river in the sun, but it was nice when it did

Back into the woods. Guess Kelly didn't get eaten by the elk after all.

The only view of the mountains we got today

Mandatory tree picture

I unintentionally got a lot of pictures of half of Chris this trip. I wonder if Ed's shot is similar.

Everything in the rain forest is fuzzy.


Ed taking a picture of an elk


This rock rocked. We camped here for an hour. Note the 2 1/2 hikers in this picture.

The puddle in the middle was manky, but I stuck my feet in the one on the left for a long time. It was detached from the river, so the water was deliciously cool instead of 35 degrees.



The rock continued across the river

Rock always wins. This shot looks kind of like a wrinkled seal.

Five-leaved Bramble, Rubus pedatus / Creeping raspberry; "juicy and flavourful"