/ hiking / Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park, WA

Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park, WA

Date: August 21, 2007

Length: ? miles

With: Dad, Sister

GPS Coordinates of region: TBD

on edmonds-kingston ferry

the one and only real patch of sun

we walked this complete circuit

the one and only view (off of hurricane ridge anyway)

fearless deer


mountain owl-clover

mountain owl-clover

mountain owl-clover

the entire ridge was socked in fog


flower (?)

magenta paintbrush

this guy was covered in dew


broadleaf lupine

there was an info-sign near here indicating scenes like this were created by isolated fires caused by lightning

red mountain heather


squirt liked the little baby trees

pearly everlasting

pearly everlasting

spectacular views today


indian thistle

indian thistle

map - we did the area close to the visitor center, then drove to the cul de sac and hiked hurricane hill trail for a ways, and a little tiny bit of elwha trail. most everything was paved, until we got to the elwha trail - this trail was beautiful, and i'm anxious to do another trip with this trail as the goal.

even though we couldn't see off of the mountain, the wildflowers and wildlife were amazing.

fearless buck. (these deer are black-tailed deer.)

his buck friend

chipmunk panhandler

bird panhandler



my dad & sister

walking around in a cloud is neat

dewy hair

not sure what this was - it had a baby following it around, but i couldn't get the baby's picture. a friend suggested it is probably a ptarmigan.