Rialto Beach, Olympic National Park, WA

September 10, 2005

~2 miles

With: Megan Hazen, Eli Brandt, Josh Buergel

GPS Coordinates of region: N47 054.638' W124 038.749' (this links to a hybrid google map)

(gps track not recorded, but see the link to the gps coords above...)

a pouncing, our hotel room

the miniature golf course that led to the beach from the parking lot

megan's sweatshirt, and josh

megan & waves

misty beach

eli, megan, and josh


a pretend black and white shot

eli in a hutment we found on the beach

megan & josh

misty islands

we walked over to this one because the tide was out, but the rest of them were complete islands

see way out there on the horizon? more islands


this stump was HUGE

no really... HUGE... that's eli next to it

one of these is called 'gunsight rock'

this bird flew into a picture i was taking of the tall white cloud in the distance


birds & islands

army chick & the shirt of pure pwnage


beach in bw

playing with driftwood angles

more misty beach