/ hiking / Rialto Beach, Olympic National Park, WA

Rialto Beach, Olympic National Park, WA

Date: July 25, 2009

Length: About 5 miles

Altitude: 0 ft

With: Ed, Kelly, Chris

GPS Coordinates of region: TBD

Kelly; we're still close to the parking lot.

The Pacific. Gray, foamy, foggy, spooky.


One couldn't help but stare at the waves. I could have stood on the beach looking at the ocean for hours.

Ed did this a lot.

Chris, Ed, Kelly

In color, but not much.

Lots of neat pebbles to look at.




You can start to see the seastack in the upper right.

Spooky foggy Indian reservation

This is about how thin the walkway was at high tide. We saw it come in to this width, and then start to get wider.

By the time I was back far enough to get most of the seastack in the picture, I couldn't see the seastack anymore.

Fast rocks

Could everyone please smile... the same time? Need to photoshop these two together.

Indian Paintbrush

Bull Thistle? Cirsium vulgare?

Beach Pea

This is why you should use sunscreen.

ED has a picture of this WITHOUT FOOTPRINTS IN IT

I think this picture would have been amazing without the stupid garbage up in the tree. Another job for photoshop.

This is a fully color photograph... fog is really neat.

Some really big driftwood washes up here

Like, huge