/ hiking / Seattle Japanese Garden, WA

Seattle Japanese Garden, WA

Date: June 14, 2008

Length: ? miles

With: Chris, Jo, Josh

GPS Coordinates of region: TBD

I love japanese maples & their tiny leaves.

A gorgeous tree - paperbark maple

The Seattle Japanese Garden is part of the Arboretum, south of UW. They charge $5 admission. The whole park is mostly a loop around this lake.


Ahh, so that's how they keep the trees from escaping.

Dali was here

Huge frog, 4-5 inches across

Wisteria trellis. Why doesn't mine look like this?

Nice stepping stones.

The branches look like lightning

I think that is Josh's plum in front of Chris

Josh likes pictures of people taking pictures of him taking pictures of them.

Forgive me, Shrine...


My backyard.

Awesome branches

An uncarved beech!

This duck had no fear. He knew where the Koi got fed.

Deer ferns

My front yard